A concert in Festival del Sole Napa I July2015



Concerts in Festival del Sole Napa, July 2015

Bouchaine Young Artist Concert at Jarvis Conservatory
July 23, 11am
Program : Works by
B.Galuppi, S.Rachmaninoff, N.Kapustin






None but the lonely heart …”Interview for Piano Magazine I Feb.2015


HyeJin Kim

None but the lonely heart …


Hye-Jin Kim has spent over 10 years studying in Germany. I asked her which word in German she favors the most and she said it is “Sehnsucht.” Two verbs, Sehen(see) and Suchen(search), were put together to form “Sehnsucht” to mean that one searches for someone for he or she wishes to see. Kim says she always had the yearning for her motherland, parents, and friends because she has been outside home for many years and learned to sympathize a little more with the word, ‘yearning’, through Goethe’s poem, ‘None but the lonely heart’. I met with Kim.


Tears of HyeJin Kim


It reminds me of the movie ‘Ode to My Father’. I broke into tears while following the story that tells about Korea’s modern history and about the family love. Tears are one of the expressions of human feelings that cannot be hidden and have to be honest.


Which part of you made the most progress at Hanns Eisler?


It has been 10 years since I went to Germany to study. During that time I studied music and spent most of my youth, my 20s, there. I have been studying by inquiring into different questions and curiosities about life and music at each moment. I often faced other questions and problems around when I found the light leading to the exclamation of enlightenment. I am still like that and I think I will continue to be so. I am still studying, but what I am proud of about studying alone outside home is that both my life and music became more independent. By finding myself as I am, what I want and wish to express in music became much clearer. It was a process where my own musical colors became solid.


How was your graduation concert program organized?

The Konzertexamen (Concert Performer) course of the Hanns Eisler School of Music offers a degree through a total of three concerts. The first recital in November 2014 had a 50-minute program composed of the works of Scarlatti, Prokofiev, Debussy, and Liszt, and I will be performing the second recital with a 80-minute program and the last performance playing Rachmaninoff’s ‘Concert No. 4’ with the Berlin Konzerthaus Orchester in the first half of this year. I have great expectations for it as it is the first concert for me.

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S.Rachmaninoff 4th Concerto with Konzerthaus Orchester



S.Rachmaninoff 4th Concerto with Konzerthaus Orchester

Graduation concert at Konzerthaus Berlin, Germany
Program: S.Rachmaninoff Piano concerto No.4,Op.40
Konzerthaus Orchester
Conductor: Seongyun Kim